About Weyer companies

For over a decade, we’ve been mastering the art of residential and commercial painting, drywall install and repairs, texture, floor coatings and designer wall covering installation.

If you’re done with DIY, you’ll be happy to know we also have the tools to transform your cabinetry, doors, decks, wall paneling and trim.

A passion for exceptional results drives our team to provide a memorable customer experience.

Creating a memorable experience.

Since 2012, our talented crew has been a top choice in the Fargo-Moorhead region, offering services for residential renovation, new home construction, industrial spaces and buildings of all sizes.

At Weyer Companies, we treat every project as an original. With meticulous attention to detail, we aim to bring an effortless experience to both the clients and each member of our team.

Turning jobs into careers.

At Weyer Companies, we are invested in finding the right people and putting them in the right seats for sustainable, purpose-driven careers.

We view our workplace as a second home where core values are met and meaningful relationships are built.

Changing the industry.

Work that matters is not just about delivering a quality service but more importantly it is about the people who make it happen.

We take pride in the trade industry. We are committed to taking trade skills and changing them into careers within our company.

Our team members are skilled, talented, and follow a process that won’t just leave you remembering us, but also the names of the individuals that worked on your project.